Historic Hayle Harbour

Carnsew Footpath

An area of the footpath around Carnsew pool needs to be repaired due to erosion.

The Harbour Authority are trialling a product called Detlalok from AHS on a 10m stretch between Carnsew Pool and Lelant Water.

On the 21st January 2019 we started filling detalok bags with sand from Lello’s Yard, these were transported to site ready to start work on the 22nd. We started the Wednesday morning with 100 bags all ready filled. At 6pm we had completed three¬† rows and had back-filled with larger stones. This will be filled with sand to further strengthen the wall. In total we had used 226 bags.

Everything was transported to the site using a 4×4 vehicle and then wheelbarrowed to the site, keeping this project low impact. The first phase is now almost complete, it was back filled with gravel and sand and then planted with marram grass.

The second phase a 14m stretch to the east of the first phase started on 12th February. This will be constructed much the same as the first phase. This should be completed before the 7.3m Spring-tide on the 21st and 22nd of February.

Phase One

Phase Two